1. TrustGo Introduction

TrustGo is a free antivirus app featuring a powerful virus scan engine. It protects your phone from viruses, Trojans, malvertising, and malware that steal your privacy. TrustGo also keeps your smartphone safe from system vulnerabilities and privacy risks.

Each update contains bug fixes and performance optimizations, so latest releases are strongly recommended.

2. How do I register and activate an account?

Mobile Phone: Tap Register in the top right corner, and then fill in information for a TrustGo account.

PC: Visit https://www.trustgo.com/web/singup to register.

3. How do I retrieve my password?

Visit https://www.trustgo.com/login and select Forgot my password.

4. How do I remove a device from my account?

Visit https://www.trustgo.com/web/operation and log in to manage your devices.


After registration, TrustGo will email you an activation link. Click the link to activate your account.

5. What if TrustGo scan didn’t find a virus?

With the most cutting-edge cloud-powered scanning, TrustGo is able to scan and identify most viruses. Safe scan result indicates that your phone is in a safe state with no viruses. If you still have concerns about some files, send those files or their information to us: trustgocs@gmail.com. We will analyze them and send results back to you.

6. How do I submit risky files and URLs?

Contact TrustGo via email: trustgocs@gmail.com. We will reply soon thereafter.

7. What kinds of web risks can Secure Web Browsing prevent? Why doesn’t it prompt for risks in certain browser?

TrustGo can block most risky URLs and phishing websites. However, due to system limits, it supports only System Explorer and Chrome. To ensure online safety, these browsers are recommended.

8. Where are backup and restore functions? How do I use them?

To back up data, tap Data Backup on home screen and select Upload to TrustGo; To restore data, select Restore from TrustGo.

9. How do I clean up memory or boost my device?

Tap System Manager on home screen, select Memory Used, and then tap Boost.

10. How can I give feedback when I have problems with TrustGo?

Contact us via email: trustgocs@gmail.com or leave a message on our Facebook page: trustgotrustgo.